Wife is like a car without guarantee

Saleh Al-Turigee; 1/1/10

Manal tells her story with some laughable wretchedness and sadness. She says in her message, “I am 30 years old, Saudi, a graduate and like many university graduates still looking for a job. Looking for employment is not, however, my main concern or top priority because it is almost impossible to get a job without wasta (connection). My main concern at the moment is getting married. I’m 30 and unmarried, what should I do? “One of my friends advised me to contact a sheikh who also works as a matchmaker. After some initial hesitation, I called him and responded to his questions. I told him that my prospective husband should be single. It’s not important if he is divorced or a widower, he shouldn’t be married. He confirmed that my request was difficult if not impossible because I am 30 and no bachelor would want to marry a woman like me.”
See: http://www.arabnews.com/?page=13&section=0&article=130112&d=31&m=12&y=2009