What is a Carriage Style Garage Door?


When you hear the term carriage style garage door, what comes to mind? Perhaps an old wooden barn-style that has been in your family for generations or maybe something modernized with a contemporary feel. No matter what your perception of carriage style doors are, they are still one of the most popular garage doors on the market today.

Carriage Style Garage Door

In this article, we will discuss some of the major facts and specifications about carriage style garage door: 


A carriage style garage door is a traditional style of garage door that has been around since the early 20th century. These doors look like they were designed for horse-drawn carriages, but did you know that before cars were invented, this type of door was used for everything from horses to carriages?

Material of carriage style garage door: 

Carriage style garage doors are made from wood with iron hinges. They open outward from the sides so that they can accommodate much longer vehicles than those found in modern garages. The doors have large handles on each side and are barn-like in appearance with criss-cross planking under them.

Modern styles of garage doors are almost always made of steel, but there are still some builders who use traditional materials like wood or iron.

Advantages of carriage style garage door: 

The carriage style garage door is a more secure and durable option for your garage. It’s also more expensive, but if you want to keep your garage as secure as possible, a carriage-style door is the way to go.

The strong locking mechanism and the secure design mean that you will not have to worry about anything being stolen or getting damaged. 

The only way someone can open this type of garage door is by using a key or by breaking off the handle (which would require some serious brute force). As long as you keep your key handy, there’s no way an intruder will be able to break into your home!

Another advantage of a carriage style garage door is that it offers better lighting. The lights on these doors are brighter and more efficient than those on other types of doors, making it easier for you to see into your garage.


The biggest drawback to carriage style garage doors is that they do not last long because of their construction materials and design. Steel is the best option for longevity as it is less likely to corrode over time and will not warp like wooden doors do over time.


The carriage style garage door is the classic barn-like look, it’s very popular in the mid 20th century but to this day you can find it from a carriage house garage doors supplier.

The carriage style garage door was made of wood and iron with a large iron hinges. The double-hinged doors could open outward from the sides and open like a carriage door. The wooden planks were criss-crossed, so that it looked like a barn.

The modern carriage-style garage door opens like a standard garage door and has a large handle for easier operation. These doors are often used for horse stables or carriages, but they can also be used for storage spaces or garages that need extra light and ventilation.

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