Treating Autoimmunity with Naturopathic Medicine

Do you have a family history of autoimmune diseases and want more information? Keep reading to learn about the different autoimmune conditions, including which ones run in families and treating them with naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine

What Is an Autoimmune Disease?

Your immune system produces antibodies that fight off disease and infection. However, after developing autoimmune diseases, the system mistakes part of your body as a foreign entity. Thus, the immune system attacks the misidentified part of your body, manifesting in a disease.

Several things put you at higher risk for autoimmune diseases, including:

  • Being assigned female at birth
  • Family genetics and environment
  • Reaching an age between 15 and 44
  • Ethnicity
  • Nutrition

Common Autoimmune Diseases

While modern medicine has discovered at least 100 different autoimmune diseases, the following are the most common.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is perhaps the most well-known autoimmune disease, and it occurs when your immune system destroys your pancreas’s ability to produce insulin. Without adequate treatment, the disease can also affect your heart, kidneys, eyes, and nervous system.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

When your immune system attacks your joints, it leads to RA. With this form of arthritis, your joints can swell, feel warm or sore, or stiffen. 

While most people develop rheumatoid arthritis in older ages, it can start as early as your 30s and a juvenile variation also exists.


Psoriasis is a condition in which your skin cells multiply too rapidly and build up in patches. These patches are itchy and sometimes painful and also result in discoloration that often makes people self-conscious. According to one study conducted at the University of Tunis El Manar, up to 30% of people with psoriasis also develop psoriatic arthritis.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is one of the most severe autoimmune diseases because it causes your immune system to attack your central nervous system. Symptoms of MS include:

  • Numbness in different places of your body
  • Muscle weakness
  • Balance problems
  • Difficulty walking


Originally thought of as a skin condition, lupus affects many organs in the body, including joints, kidneys, the heart, and even your brain. Joint pain, fatigue, and rashes are the most common symptoms. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while autoimmune diseases present a significant challenge. By understanding the naturopathic medicine environment, and lifestyle factors, individuals can take proactive steps to manage and potentially even prevent the onset of autoimmune conditions. Naturopathic doctor toronto offer a holistic perspective, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying imbalances within the body. Through personalized treatment plans that may include herbal supplements and lifestyle adjustments, individuals can work towards restoring balance and supporting their immune system’s function.

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