How To Create An Awesome Instagram Video About A Florist

Promoting your floral business on Instagram is one of the best ways to increase your brand presence online.

Similar to the way conventional TV advertisements worked, people become more likely to purchase a product once they have watched a well-made video about it. But not every business can allocate resources that rival a professional advert production.

Enter Instagram, a social media platform that everyone with a smartphone has access to. You can create your own promotional material with very little investment, enabling you to create engaging material for the target audience. Want to learn how?

Here’s a three-step guide to creating an awesome Instagram video that catches the viewer’s attention and puts your online flower shop front and centre.

3 Steps To Create A Stylish Instagram Video About A Florist

1. Plan A Unique Concept

A good concept can carry any video to success, putting forth the brand message effectively and succinctly. It’s often a good idea to frame your video around the specialty of your online flower shop and work your way toward completion from there.

You may begin by showing off your floral creations and how they were made. A closer look at the behind-the-scenes of their making can send a powerful message about your passion for flowers and your connection to the shop. 

Another good idea for an Instagram video is to take your viewers on a virtual tour of your shop. Be sure to include some background information about the shop and how it came to be as well! Showcasing that it’s more than just a business in creative ways may catch people’s attention quickly.

Feel free to experiment and go back to the drawing board until you are satisfied with the concept. Once you’ve finalized the creation, you can get to the exciting parts of the Instagram video creation process.

2. Begin The Shoot!

Find yourself an assistant and begin shooting! Early on, you needn’t worry about how the camera is framed so long as the subject is fully visible on the viewfinder. While filming, always ensure that something pertaining to your business is central to the filming process. Initial concepts shouldn’t take too long to finish recording, even if you use multiple takes.

Once you’ve filmed the video, you can use editing software to take care of any rough parts. If you’re not too familiar with the editing process, you can either try to film with as few imperfections as possible or hire an editor.

Finalize your video, after which you’re ready to move on to the last step.

3. Share Your Instagram Reel

Now, it’s time to share your creation with the world. Make use of the Explore, Story and Reels tabs in addition to your Instagram feed to maximize your visibility.

Something you can do to boost your online presence further is to use relevant hashtags in your posts. A simple Google search will give you a list of tags related to ‘florist’ and ‘floral business’, which you can then use freely.

And that’s all there is to it!


Creating an Instagram video can test the limits of your creative ability, but it also helps showcase how capable you are as a florist. Just remember that the key to creating a florist-centric audience is to post content regularly, letting people in on the latest of your creations.

With a personal twist, your floral brand can stay relevant and fresh in the public perception for a long while. And the longer you remain persistent in the social media space, the more effective your marketing will be.

So, get started today with your Instagram video and let your business bloom!

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