STOP Ignoring Your Tongue Health! 5 Ways To Ensure Proper Tongue Care

Oral health is not limited to brushing your teeth twice a day. 

It is a combination of activities that constitute oral hygiene, including proper tongue cleaning. Hence, you must ensure that you take care of your tongue by cleaning it regularly. 

To make things easier, here are a few tips to ensure proper tongue hygiene. 

Tongue Care

5 Ways To Ensure Proper Tongue Care

1. Brush The Tongue Regularly 

Brushing your teeth alone doesn’t solve anything. It is equally important to brush the tongue to keep it clean and healthy. You can do this by smearing a tiny amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and brushing from the back of your mouth to the front in a downward motion. 

Once you’re done brushing, simply rinse with water. This will kill all the odour-causing bacteria, leaving your mouth feeling fresh. However, make sure you do this gently so as to not damage the tongue due to harsh scraping. 

2. Use A Tongue Scraper

Besides brushing your tongue, using a scraper to clean your tongue can help significantly eliminate any bacteria in your mouth. A tongue scraper is made using flexible, soft metal or plastic that can help scrape away any mucus layer present on your tongue, especially the center. 

After each scrape, wash the scraper with lukewarm water to kill off any remaining bacteria. If your tongue feels sore after using a tongue cleaner, it can be the result of scraping too hard. A tongue scraper must only be used with a light hand and gentle pressure. 

3. Rinse Well 

All the cleaning can be ineffective if you do not rinse your mouth with some water, as rinsing can help eliminate any bacteria remaining on the tongue. Using a saline solution that is lukewarm, like a mixture of water and salt, can keep your tongue fully clear of any bacteria or odour. 

4. Drink Green Tea 

Besides cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush and scraper, consuming green tea can help keep your tongue fresh and clean. Green tea helps reduce the number of bacteria present in your mouth and kill off any odour-causing germs that can remain on the tongue for long periods. 

5. Check The Color Of Your Tongue 

It is crucial to keep track of the colour of your tongue every now and then. A healthy tongue is generally light pink in color with a slight hint of white overlay. However, a fully white or pale tongue can usually be a major sign of dehydration or fungal infection and can also point to deficiency of a particular vitamin. 

On the contrary, a bright red tongue could be an indication of an infection or even a blood or heart disorder. Checking the colour of your tongue regularly can help you identify any internal problems and seek help if needed. 

Final Words

Brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining them is considered quite important. However, tongue cleaning can be easily overlooked, though it holds equal importance. If you notice that your tongue has a different colour, contacting a local dentist can be helpful in taking action immediately and resolving any issues.

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