4 Ways Defence Lawyers Can Assist Fraud Criminals

If you’re accused of fraud, you may think your life is over. This white-collar crime involves obtaining benefits, especially money, by methods like impersonation, getting data without permission, or false pretense. It can also be very hard to prove. That’s why you need a defence lawyer to protect your identity and career, even after the case has been closed! Keep reading to learn 4 ways that defence lawyers can help you if you’re ever accused of fraud.

Defence Lawyers

1: They Can Help You Understand Your Case 

Fraud is a very complicated, nuanced topic. There are many different kinds of fraud, and any evidence may be hard to find; companies usually stop fraud as soon as they can and guard all pieces of evidence very carefully. A good defence lawyer will not only work with you to help you understand the charges but also help you get the necessary evidence required to clear your name. 

2: They Can Help You Prepare for Court 

Pre-trial preparation can make or break your case before you set foot in the courtroom. Worse still, fraud cases may land in federal courts. Even if you are not the type to get nervous in that setting, Passi & Patel defence lawyers in Brampton have years of experience and will give you the best tools to work with so that you can clear your name. If things escalate to a federal court, you want to be ready. 

3: They Are Expert Negotiators 

Fraud over $5,000 usually comes with a maximum of 14 years of jail time. But it is also difficult to prove. The minimum sentence for the same amount of fraud is 6 months and a $5,000 fine. You may have trouble negotiating those 14 years into 6 months and a big fine, but your chance of reduced jail time is much higher if you have a good lawyer.  

4: They Can Protect You After the Case 

If you’ve been accused of fraud, your life will never be the same again. You may not go to jail if the amount involved is under $5,000, but many people’s careers suffer after being accused of fraud. This can lead to unemployment, financial troubles, hopelessness, and depression. A good law firm will not only help you win the case but make sure you get back on your feet afterward. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to a complex charge like fraud, you should not opt to be your own lawyer. This is especially true for fraud, where one’s identity and integrity tend to be on the line. Professional defence lawyers have experience with many kinds of criminal defence cases. Contact a defence attorney near you today if you fear an imposter in your midst!

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