5 Vaping Facts You Need To Know

Vaping products like e-cigarettes first became available around 2007, though they became popular much later. 

The biggest reason for this sudden rise in their popularity was their evolution, which allowed consuming nicotine more easily and conveniently. And since 2014, e-cigarettes have become the most commonly used tobacco product in the country.

But there is a lot of confusion about vaping, which is why these 5 facts can be of help. 

vaping facts

5 Vaping Facts You Need To Know

1. Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking, But Not Completely Safe

Vaping products like e-cigarettes function by heating nicotine which creates an aerosol that can be inhaled. The aerosol contains fewer chemicals compared to regular cigarettes that expose you to over 7,000 toxic chemicals. This means that they are comparatively safer, another reason for their popularity. 

But it does not mean that they are completely safe, as several instances of lung injuries have been reported after using vaping devices. Such incidents usually occur when buying electronic cigarettes from untrustworthy sources or using modified devices and liquids.

2. Vaping Can Harm The Lungs And Heart  

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can cause cravings and result in withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, it is toxic as it can result in elevated blood pressure and adrenaline levels, thereby increasing the chances of a heart attack. 

Vaping can also make conditions like asthma worse, cause irreversible lung damage, lead to lung disease, or even cause death.

3. E-Cigarettes Are As Addictive As Regular Ones

Nicotine is considered to be as addictive as cocaine and heroin, and e-cigarette users tend to consume more of it than traditional smokers. One reason for that is the availability of several types of devices and liquids, such as extra-strength cartridges with a higher concentration of nicotine.  

And unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping devices and liquids can be modified to make them even more potent. 

4. E-Cigarettes May Not Be The Ideal Alternative To Smoking

E-cigarettes are often portrayed as a miracle solution that can help you quit smoking. But it is important to remember that despite such claims, they are very strictly regulated by Health Canada. According to the agency, many e-cigarette users continue smoking regular cigarettes even after using vaping devices. 

5. E-Cigarettes Are Most Popular Among The Youth  

Disposable e-cigarettes have become the most popularly used tobacco items among the youth. Middle and high-school students tend to use vaping devices more than traditional cigarettes since they believe them to be less harmful. 

E-cigarettes are more appealing to the younger generation as no visible smoke is produced. Moreover, vaping devices can be customized and concealed more easily, making them convenient to use. 

Final Thoughts

For many, vaping is the ideal solution that can help them give up smoking, which is considerably more harmful. But this guide has provided an objective view of both sides of the story to help you.

Some vaping devices allow you to control the amount of nicotine entering the body, while you can even find e-cigarettes that do not contain any nicotine at all. So, if you are planning to buy vaping devices, visit the nearest vape shop today to check out the most suitable options.

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