Legal Advice in Canada For Seniors

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You may be wondering where to find legal advice in Canada. The good news is there are a number of sources. You can check out the websites of various organizations like CanLaw, Dentons, Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support, and Goodlawyer. These organizations are dedicated to helping seniors navigate the legal system and seek the best advice for their individual needs. Read on to learn more about legal advice in Canada. These organizations are available in all major Canadian cities, including Vancouver and Toronto.


When you’re looking for a lawyer, you may be wondering whether to get free or low-cost legal help. However, legal aid is an option for many people. If you qualify, you can be appointed a lawyer for free or low-cost. To learn more about legal aid, you can visit the Legal Aid Alberta website or check CanLaw’s directory of lawyers. In addition to free or low-cost legal advice, the directory also offers reviews of lawyers.


Goodlawyer is an online platform that connects people across Canada with lawyers. It offers micro-legal services, and currently has over 60 lawyers signed up from across the country. As an entrepreneur, you should consider using Goodlawyer to get legal advice. You can start your business for free, and you will be able to communicate with local lawyers to get the best advice. Goodlawyer will also help you navigate the legal system by providing you with vetted legal documents.

Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support

The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support has partnered with the Law Foundation of BC to open an Elder Law Clinic. This clinic provides free legal advice and representation to Canadian seniors and older adults. It is the first of its kind in Western Canada and the second such legal aid clinic in Canada. The clinic will offer information about elder law, elder abuse, health care and income issues. It will also offer workshops and presentations to other organizations.


Major Hollywood studios and leading-edge digital platforms seek out Canadian legal advice from Dentons’ lawyers. Lenders and media companies seek counsel from the firm on financing matters. Independent producers, sports organizations, and individual artists turn to Dentons’ lawyers for contract negotiations. Dentons’ team of lawyers is dedicated to providing seamless, exceptional service to clients. We are the largest entertainment and media practice in Canada, with lawyers recognized as leading professionals in their fields.

Unauthorized legal practice

There are many penalties for unauthorized legal practice in Canada. While many unauthorized lawyers and law firms may not be convicted of the charges, the Law Society of British Columbia can impose injunctions on their members. If the injunction is breached, the offender may be found guilty of contempt and be liable for hefty fines and/or imprisonment. The law society has the power to bring criminal charges against the unauthorized practitioner in provincial court and has the right to seek substantial fines and even probation orders.