Travelling to Canada on Business

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If you are travelling to Canada on business, you will need to be prepared for the requirements. Before you travel, ensure that you have the right documents to prove your identity. You will need to bring your NEXUS card, valid visa, COVID-19 molecular test, and WHTI compliant documents. The following information will help you prepare for your visit. Listed below are some of the main requirements you need to meet when travelling to Canada on business.

NEXUS card

If you are frequently on the move, you may have already noticed that lines at the border crossings can be long and frustrating. But thanks to the NEXUS card, all of that can change. This special card allows NEXUS card holders to bypass the normal border crossing lines and go directly to baggage claim. What’s more, NEXUS members are also automatically eligible for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry.

Valid visa

When traveling to Canada for business purposes, a valid visa is necessary for you to enter the country. If you want to conduct business activities, you must present a document stating your full contact and address information. The document must also specify how long you plan to stay in Canada. In some cases, you can be exempted from applying for a visa by virtue of having a visa from another country. If you are not sure whether or not you need a visa, click here.

COVID-19 molecular test

If you are planning to visit Canada on business or pleasure, you must undergo a COVID-19 molecular test before you enter the country. You must have this test at least ten days before your flight, or seven days before your aircraft departs. If your flights are connecting, you should schedule a molecular test in your transit city. For those traveling by land, you should undergo the test in your home country.

WHTI compliant documents

In order to enter the United States, you will need to have a valid passport or WHTI-compliant documents. For Canadian citizens, the required documents are a birth certificate, passport, or the original or copy of a birth certificate. Canadian citizens age 18 and under must also have proof of citizenship, which can be a copy of the birth certificate or an original Canadian citizenship card. Those traveling on business or on official orders will need to show a passport or U.S. military identification card.

WHTI-compliant documents for transit through Canada

A WHTI-compliant document is one that meets certain requirements and is acceptable for transit through Canada. The new rule is effective June 1, 2009, and the Departments of Transportation (DOT) will publish the final rule with plenty of notice. This will give people ample time to obtain WHTI-compliant documents before that date. However, some commenters have expressed concern that they are unable to obtain the documents required for transit.