Why abstaining from marriage?

Amir ibn Abdullah Al-Shahrani; 28/7/09

When we compare the number of youths who get married every year to those who refrain from doing so, we find the number of the latter to be much larger. The factors that prevent both young men and women from getting married can be classified in material, family and social terms. Some young men may delay the decision to marry because they believe that marriage is commitment and will greatly curb their personal freedom. They thus prefer to live as long as possible without commitments and family obligations. Not marrying for this reason is wrong and unjustified because successful marriage will result in a stable life. The material or financial factor may be a cause for not marrying because some families demand a lot of money as a dowry for their daughters. Some families even go further and demand a large quantity of gold and jewelry for the bride and this puts a great burden on the shoulders of the would-be bridegroom.

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