Whaling quota proposal sidelines Canberra

Peter AlfordĀ  & Dennis Shanahan; 24/4/10

Japanese whaling would continue in Antarctic waters for the next decade – with impunity from Kevin Rudd’s threatened legal action – under a proposal by the International Whaling Commission chairman. The proposal allows Japan to replace its controversial “scientific whaling” program with IWC quotas for an annual Southern Ocean kill of 410 whales in each of the next five years and 205 whales annually from 2015-2020. If approved by 75 per cent of members at June’s IWC meeting, chairman Cristian Maquieira’s proposal would undercut the 24-year worldwide ban on commercial whaling but resolve a bitter deadlock over continued hunting by Japan, Norway and Iceland. The commission’s 88 member countries have 60 days to negotiate further compromise before the Morocco meeting.

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