Trevorrow case settled.

Gavin Lower; 17/4/10;

The South Australian government has decided not to appeal to the High Court against Australia’s only successful claim for compensation by a member of the Stolen Generations. Late last month, the Full Court of the Supreme Court dismissed the state’s appeal against a 2007 landmark judgment that found Bruce Trevorrow was taken from his parents without their consent when he was a baby in 1958. Trevorrow, an Aboriginal man from the Coorong region, south of Adelaide, was awarded $775,000 in compensation.

The Australian; No Internet Text

Attorney-General John Rau will today announce the state has decided to accept the Full Court’s decision after “careful consideration” and will not seek leave to appeal to the High Court against the judgment.
The government has previously said it appealed the judgment to clarify legal issues but did not seek the return of Trevorrow’s compensation.
Trevorrow died in June 2008 aged 51. He was 13 months old when he was taken to hospital in Adelaide on Christmas Day in 1957 with stomach pains. On January 2, 1958, he was discharged into the care of foster parents, and remained in foster care until he was returned to his mother and siblings in 1967.
Trevorrow sued the state, claiming his removal from his family led to alcoholism, depression and a troubled life.
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