Traffickers target Israeli girls to replace foreign sex slaves

Michal Zebede; 18/8/09

Success in combating the import of women for sex in Israel has led traffickers to recruit local girls.At the start of the new century, Israel found itself with an unexpected and unwanted reputation – as a destination hotspot for sex trafficking. The government took significant measures against this phenomenon, but the success in stamping out the import of women for sex has led to a new problem. From the security of her Tel Aviv office, Yedida Wolfe dials a number at the bottom of a newspaper advertisement that reads, in Hebrew: “Looking for young liberal women for easy work at great pay!!” The phone is answered by a man named Yossi. He explains that the type of work was sex; Yedida would get to choose with whom, how often, and under what conditions. You will have complete control,” Yossi tells her. The pair arrange a time to meet. Wolfe is the Executive Director of the Task Force on Human Trafficking (TFHT).