Student by day … hostess by night

Mohammad Bashir; 6/8/09

…He (her father) has opted to give priority to three of Julia’s younger male siblings’ education. Julia was forced out of grade 7… She pondered about what she would do for a living instead of marrying a man and being dependent on him for the rest of her life. Julia asked around and finally was convinced about trying computer studies at a privately run institute. She talked with her mum about it and was given K100 which she used to start vending betelnut and cigarettes in front of their home at June Valley… she ended up at a nightclub in town where she learnt about hostessing and the kind of money earned. Being the shooter she is, she walked up straight to the duty manager and asked if she could work as a hostess. In that particular club, hostesses are not restricted from drinking any type of alcoholic beverages like others. They are entitled to a whopping 25 per cent of what patrons buy for them… Behind the club is a hotel with rooms where patrons who decide to take a hostess out for a “quickie” may do so. That is a bonus and has nothing to do with the club management.