Stoning a symbolic Satan

Omar Chatriwal; 28/11/09

In the latter part of Hajj, Muslim pilgrims spend time at Mina’s encampment, where they pelt a a wall representing the devil with pebbles daily. But there are always dangers when dealing with the devil. Today is the last day of Hajj. Today, the mentally, spiritually, and physically trying journey comes to an end for about 2.5 million Muslims. After Eid day, the pilgrims spend the final two or three days of Hajj at Mina – eating, sleeping and praying at its sprawling encampment site. The camp comprises hundreds of thousands of semi-permanent fireproof tents built by Saudi authorities. You get a real sense of the scale of the camp when looking at it from above. Despite the relative luxury of the Saudi-built facilities, which includes electricity and running water, many people still pitch their own tents while in Mina. As Reuters’ FaithWorld blog points out, this is often because they cannot afford to pay the rates of the Hajj trip groups that are allocated the space.