Prosecuting missionaries good for Haiti, families, church

Fritz Gutwein; 5/2/10

The arrest and jailing in Haiti of 10 Southern Baptists on charges of kidnapping and criminal association is appropriate and consistent with gospel values. While I do not like to see anyone suffer, I fully support the Haitian government in its prosecution of the Americans who thought they were doing God’s work when they sought to, in their own words, “gather 100 orphans from the streets” in their bus and take them to the Dominican Republic. Haiti is in crisis from a devastating earthquake like no other in our lifetime. 200,000 people have likely died. And 10,000 non-governmental organizations, all with good intentions, are descending on Haiti in an attempt to ease suffering. The better NGOs work with the Haitian people and what is left of the Haitian government. The Southern Baptists from Idaho appear to have worked solely with a single Haitian-American pastor and ignored advice that what they were doing was wrong, illegal and that they would likely be detained when they attempted to cross the border with these passport-less, non-orphaned children.