NT government can’t protect ‘ravaged kids’


Was the apology to the stolen generations so much hot air or even counterproductive (“Children shifted to violent families”, 6-7/2)? Child abuse continues unabated in the Northern Territory and political correctness about any hint of “stolen” is exposing children to grave danger. If individual foster carers — black or white — can’t be found for these ravaged kids, then we must set up professional, institutionalised care in the form of closely monitored boarding-school refuges. In the meantime, surely the Northern Territory officials responsible for burying the Bath report on this child abuse for two years should be charged with criminal obstruction of justice and abetting the ongoing destruction of the lives of Aboriginal children. What is wrong with the Northern Territory that it continues to neglect and torment these children after all the obscenities revealed there in recent years? It’s time to move beyond the intervention. The Northern Territory government is a disgrace to this nation and should probably be replaced by direct administration from Canberra. Tom Drake-Brockman, Berrilee. NSW
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