No more troops


Of course, as you report, the Pentagon would like to take more control over where our troops in Afghanistan are to be posted and how they are to fight, and of course there is plentiful evidence from the higher levels of the US civil and military governmental bodies that Australia should be extremely sceptical of any requests and attached promises (“US to urge bigger role for Diggers”, 22-23/8). US generals have recently told the American news media that the Taliban are today stronger than before — well-funded and equipped and high in morale. This, after nearly eight years of coalition military action in the area, does not suggest that playing war games as the American generals want would be in the interests of the Afghan people, or our troops. Do we really want to be part of that? Paul Kunino Lynch; Katoomba, NSW

See:; US to urge bigger role for Diggers in Afghanistan; Patrick Walters; 22/8/09;,25197,25964265-31477,00.html