Netanyahu extends benefits to isolated West Bank settlements

Barak Ravid; 10/12/09; (3 Items)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that certain settlements outside of the large blocs in the West Bank – enclaves that Israel plans to keep as part of any future arrangement with the Palestinians – would be considered “national priority areas.” The isolated settlements included in the region will receive benefits in education, employment and other areas. The Prime Minster’s bureau distributed a map to lawmakers ahead of the cabinet meeting on Sunday, which included West Bank settlements inhabited by over 120,000 settlers.

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High Court: Gaza student cannot complete studies in West Bank
Amira Hass; 10/12/09
The High Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday to deny a Palestinian student from Gaza who has been studying in Bethlehem permission to complete her university degree in the West Bank. Berlanty Azzam , 22, has been in the West Bank since 2005 and has only two months of studies left in order to complete her Bachelor’s degree in business administration. In late October, however, the Israeli authorities expelled her back to Gaza claiming that that she was illegally staying in the West Bank.

IDF officer wins NIS 300,000 suit over Gaza war crime allegation
Amos Harel; 10/12/09
Captain R., now Major R., won a legal victory Tuesday. Not just a victory – a knockout. It was the culmination of an affair that began in the fall of 2004, when R., then a company commander in the Givati Brigade, became embroiled in the death of Palestinian teenage girl, Ayman al-Hams, in Rafah – an incident that became known as the “confirmed kill affair.” Just over a year later, R. was completely exonerated by a military tribunal, after his lawyers dismantled the military prosecution’s case, highlighting serious shortcomings in the way the prosecution, and particularly the military police investigators, had conducted themselves. Yesterday marked another milestone in the affair, after R. won his libel suit against investigative journalist Ilana Dayan for her presentation of the incident on her Channel 2 show “Fact.”