Judicial experts cast doubt over reported decrease in so-called honour killings

Rana Husseini; 26/9/09

Recent official figures purporting a decline in so-called honour killings in the Kingdom have come under scrutiny, with sociologists and judicial experts saying the number of such murders has increased this year. Earlier this month, Public Security Department (PSD) Spokesperson Major Mohammad Khatib released statistics indicating that six murders were reported as of the end of August in which suspects claimed family honour as their motive, compared to seven cases during the same period in 2008. “The numbers are clearly on the decline and are not increasing, like some people claim,” the police official said in the recently released report. But a senior judicial source refuted the figures, stating that Criminal Court prosecutors had investigated 11 cases of so-called honour killings committed by individuals over the age of 18 as of the end of August.

See: http://www.jordantimes.com/?news=20219