Injured domestic helper in care of Family Protection Department

Hani Hazaimeh; 5/1/10

Ishara Hemanthi, the Sri Lankan domestic helper who was admitted to Al Bashir Hospital last week for injuries allegedly inflicted by her employer, is currently being looked after at the Family Protection Department (FPD), the police said on Monday. Public Security Department Spokesperson Major Mohammad Khatib told The Jordan Times that the 23-year-old Sri Lankan was discharged from the hospital on December 31 and escorted by a police unit to the FPD for further investigations into her allegations. Officials at the Sri Lankan embassy in Amman said they were not aware of Hemanthi’s whereabouts, noting that they asked the Foreign Ministry to assist them in locating her. “When we went to visit Hemanthi at the hospital on Thursday, the hospital police told us that she was sent to Al Rashid Police Station. But when we checked there they told us that she was not in their custody,” an embassy official told The Jordan Times yesterday. Hemanthi, who arrived in Jordan in November 2008, ended up in the emergency room with severe bruising and swelling all over her body after she made it to her country‚Äôs embassy in search of help. She told The Jordan Times last week that she endured daily beatings.