In one of Amman’s oldest schools, a nun’s vision of love endures

Rula Samain; 2/12/09

It all started in 1880, when a Palestinian nun, Marie-Alphonsine Danil Ghattas, was inspired to found the Congregation of the Rosary Sisters in Jerusalem. Mother Marie-Alphonsine, who was beatified last week by Pope Benedict XVI, founded the order with only one aim in mind: To spread love, peace and joy among her fellow human beings, according to Catholic priest Father Rifat Bader, Today, the Rosary Congregation has expanded its reach to almost all countries of the Middle East, with 61 centres spread out across the Kingdom, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Kuwait, Egypt and the UAE, as well as in Rome. Sister Madeleine Dababneh, principal of the Rosary Sisters School in Shmeisani, told The Jordan Times that the name “Rosary” embraces faith in service, true love for mankind and the joy of duty. She said the congregation’s basic mission is to serve the Arab community with no discrimination as to colour, religion or race.