I wish I were a maid

Bashayer Muhammad; 27/6/09

A local columnist, in an article entitled “I wish I were a maid,” wrote about maids and how they live with Saudi families. The writer expressed his resentment at how some Saudi families treat maids, including not letting them venture outside unless there is an emergency. I am surprised at why he is upset at the condition of maids when women are demanding the same thing that he demands for maids? Does this writer know that the condition of some maids is better than housewives? If maids are held inside their homes for two years, then housewives are being held for longer periods having left their families to come and live with their husbands. If they do leave home in extreme cases, then they do so with their husbands. Some families do not find any difficulty in sending their maids to the supermarket alone while their womenfolk are banned from leaving alone. A housewife told me that she wishes she were in her maid’s shoes. She said she would be willing to trade all her luxury, including her cell phone and Internet, just to regain her freedom.

See: http://www.arabnews.com/?page=13&section=0&article=124061