Harem scarem fantasy reveals double standards

October 5, 2009; http://www.smh.com.au/national/letters/harem-scarem-fantasy-reveals-double-standards-20091004-ghu1.html?skin=text-only; (3 Items)

– Keysar Trad asks, ”Why should polygamy be a crime?” (”Marriage’s great lie”, October 3-4). Polygamy, the practice of one man sequestering several women to his own advantage and convenience, is intrinsically sexist. Whereas law recognises that each person has equal rights and responsibilities, in nature humans are not all identical. Polygamy augments the power imbalances that can occur behind closed doors where, statistically speaking, one person is physically larger and more hormonally predisposed to aggression than any others.
My suggestion is that before polygamy is legalised a trial period of legalised polyandry, of one woman sequestering several men (presumably to her advantage and convenience), be conducted. Because we are considering lifelong personal relationships, this trial would need to extend over several decades. I assume that this proposal has Trad’s support? David Arthur, Maryborough (Qld)
– Typical male, Keysar Trad. Thinks only of sex when arguing for legalising two wives to a husband. I seriously think there is a greater case in Australia for polyandry than polygyny. Statistics show Australian men do much less than half the housework, leaving an unfair proportion to their wives. Why not consider these statistics, Chauvinist Trad, and argue for two husbands to one wife to redress this imbalance? There are plenty of Aussie women who would gladly “toil to provide” for two husbands if it meant the housework, shopping and cooking was done and all children had been put to bed. Now there’s a dangerous idea. Denise Lake, Cambewarra
Keysar Trad suggests that polygamy should be acceptable in the ”modern 21st century” but, predictably, fails to offer the same freedom to women. He slavishly accepts the archaic Islamic law that a wife cannot take more than one husband for reasons – ”some medical, some relating to paternity”. Fine perhaps for the 6th century, but in the modern 21st century these are non-issues. Paradoxically, Trad wants modernisation, but only if it’s traditional. Sure, bring it on, but apply it to all. Then we’ll see how modern traditionalists like Trad will clean up the ensuing mess. Anne Cooper, Earlwood
– Keysar Trad’s praise of the various forms of polygyny is flawed. Many times (if not most) one or more of the women is unhappy and never freely consented. Polygyny can cause poverty by men having big families. To have polygyny now effectively sanctioned in NSW by mistresses having options to claim against a man’s estate is truly disturbing. To carry on with a married man without his wife’s consent is stealing. Linda Vij, Mascot

Marriages’s great lie
Keysar Trad; The Sydney Morning Herald; 3/10/09
Keysar Trad is president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia. He will deliver a speech on why polygamy and other Islamic values are good for Australia at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Opera House.
In June last year, Triple J’s current affairs program Hack ran an item on plural relationships. The ABC’s youth broadcaster interviewed me about polygyny, a form of polygamous marriage in which a man has more than one wife at the same time. A bisexual couple were also interviewed. To my surprise, I was reported on the ABC’s respected current affairs program AM the next morning. Without speaking to me again and after seeking comments from the Attorney-General’s office, AM ran the line: “Undeterred Keysar Trad says he’s hoping to find another wife to join his family. To do so, he says, would be to honour his first wife.” No such comment had aired on Hack. The media then spent more than a week mocking the practice of a husband having two or more wives simultaneously.
See: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/why-should-polygamy-be-a-crime-20091002-gfdg.html