Girls who fled Iraq ‘were forced into prostitution’

Bassam Za’za’,12/6/09

Two teenagers, who escaped Iraq’s instability, became victims of alleged human traffickers who reportedly bought them from their mothers and flew them from Syria, with fake documents, to Dubai to work as prostitutes and dancers. A 47-year-old Iraqi supervisor, Q.D., and his 30-year-old son, W.D., have been charged with exploiting the hardship of the teenage girls, a 13-year-old student and a 19-year-old visitor, forcing them into the sex industry after conspiring with their mothers. “Two years ago, my mother started abusing me by sending me to private dance parties for money& Q.D. or W.D. would drive me to these special parties. I used to collect the money and give it to my mother,” the student claimed to the public prosecutor.