Girls run riot at exclusive school

Jared Owens; 17/ 3/10

Up to 15 indigenous boarders at Brisbane’s exclusive Clayfield Girls College fought each other in a “riot-like” brawl, forcing a lockdown of sleeping quarters and police to be called. The disturbance on Monday night has further stirred racial tensions between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups of students at the school. The brawl erupted as the school’s boarders sat for dinner, with the two groups hurling abuse at each other including threats to kill and maim.

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The parent of one of the other 120 non-indigenous boarders at the college facility said it was “like a riot” and “completely out of control”.
“My daughter said some of the girls were so frightened that a whole bunch of those involved were not allowed to sleep in the boarding house because they were threatening to kill each other,” the parent said.
“Certainly the language was something you would expect to hear from a bullock driver, not at an exclusive girls’ school that is supposed to turn young girls into ladies.”
The students then went on a rampage, smashing crockery and glassware, and abusing and threatening staff.
The entire building was locked down and police were called. By the time they arrived at 9pm, the fight had ended.
Clayfield College is part of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association, which prides itself on its “learning environment based on the Christian values of relationships, care, ethics, personal development, excellence and celebration,” according to its website.
Both the PMSA and Clayfield College and declined to comment yesterday.