‘Dr Horror’ made rich on body parts

Matt Wade & Tom Reilley; 2/3/10

Australia has been dragged into the investigation of an Indian medic known as ”Dr Horror” who is accused of running illegal clinics that duped poor labourers into selling their kidneys and then peddled them to wealthy clients. Legal sources involved in the case say Australians are among hundreds of foreigners who paid Amit Kumar for organ transplants, while authorities in Delhi say he invested some of the millions he allegedly made on properties in NSW and Queensland. Indian investigators believe Kumar also has a bank account in Australia. The Age has learnt that a money laundering case against Kumar, who was arrested in Nepal in 2008 after a manhunt, is being delayed by the Australian Federal Police who have yet to respond to a 16-month-old request from Indian investigators to look into Kumar’s investments.

See: http://www.theage.com.au/national/dr-horror-made-rich-on-body-parts-20100301-pdla.html