Crime and punishment


Yesterday brought a crop of police stories that show just how tough a battle the police commissioner and his senior officers are fighting to try and return the once admirable reputation of their men and women to its former state. One concerned the alleged kidnapping and rape of two girls aged 15 and 16 from the Tambul district of the Western Highlands province. They were allegedly held and repeatedly raped by their kidnapper from Sept 2 to 13. The report alleged that the two girls were crossing the road at the main bus stop in Mt Hagen in order to enter the city market. They were then held at knife point by their alleged abductor and forced into a PMV. Readers can well imagine the trauma associated with the incident. We would like to think that the girls received a supportive hearing from the police after they eventually managed to escape and report their ordeal. But a senior policeman’s reaction appears to have been one of incredulity.