Couple jailed for forcing girl into prostitution

Bassam Za’za’; 23/12/09; (3 Items)

An Iraqi and his wife have been jailed after a court convicted them of sexually exploiting a teenage girl to work as an exotic dancer and sex worker. The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the 52-year-old electrician, R.A., and his 45-year-old wife, A.I., to three years in jail each followed by deportation. Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout, who pronounced Tuesday’s judgment, also sentenced a 26-year-old Iraqi salesman, H.M., to a year in jail followed by deportation for aiding and abetting the couple. The court pardoned a 25-year-old Iraqi housewife, B.A., from serving a punishment, which the judge did not specify. She had refuted the charge of failing to report the couple to the authorities. The couple had earlier denied buying the 17-year-old girl from her parents in Iraq and forcing her to work as an exotic dancer and prostitute in Dubai.

Woman beaten up by husband suffers nervous breakdown
Bassma Al Jandaly; 2/12/09
A young mother who was beaten up by her husband in front of police officials has ended up at Al Amal psychiatric hospital, Gulf News has learnt. A Syrian mother of two who has been living in the UAE for the past few years was beaten up by her husband in front of police officials at Al Gharb police station in Sharjah last week. According to a witness, the woman while being beaten up by her husband at the police station managed to escape to the mosque at the police station where she locked herself. The witness said the husband, also a Syrian, beat his young wife on her head several times using her handbag. “The only thing police did at that time was to take the woman’s passport from her bag and handed it to her husband,” the witness said.

Saudi order to lash elderly woman yet to be carried out
Jumana Al Tamimi; 23/12/09
A sentence of 40 lashes to a 75-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia, which was criticised by human rights activists, has not been carried out yet, Saudi sources have confirmed. The woman, who was also sentenced to four months’ imprisonment, was found guilty of being in the company of two men, who were not her relatives. The convict is still in her house near the northwestern Saudi city of Hail, Saudi journalists and Human rights activist said. “It is true that the woman is still at her house and the sentence has not been carried out [yet],” Mufreh Al Rasheidi, a Hail-based journalist told Gulf News.