Canberra urged to protect Japanese whalers

Peter Alford & Matthew Franklin; 8/1/10; (2 Items)

Japan is expected to demand Australian government co-operation in preventing further “acts of sabotage” by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society following Wednesday’s Antarctic collision. Tokyo yesterday lodged a strong complaint with New Zealand, the flag county of Sea Shepherd’s speedboat Ady Gil, which was run over and crippled by a Japanese security vessel. Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard ordered an Australian inquiry into the incident, which could result in criminal charges being laid, and New Zealand also established an investigation. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirofumi Hirano, said: “We lodged a complaint with the New Zealand government in a stern manner because the vessel is registered in New Zealand, and have strongly asked it not to repeat such an incident in the future.”

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More empty rhetoric over Japan’s whalers


Sea Shepherd has lost a valuable knight in the high-stakes game of chess that is once again being played out in Australian territorial waters, which will no doubt result in the slaughter of many whales (“Whaling protesters want protection”, 7/1). Yet it’s hard to blame the Japanese for protecting their assets. As usual, the culprit is the Australian government, whose timid inaction results in this ridiculous situation where warring sides engage in violent confrontations in our waters. The Rudd government has the Federal Court ruling on its side plus the will of the Australian people and the expectation of the world that it will protect whales in a recognised whale sanctuary. Yet with all that support, all we hear is the nauseatingly empty threats of “legal action” that will never eventuate in case it should upset Canberra’s harmony with Tokyo. Very Zen, Kevin. Dave Knight, Viveash, WA

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