Bomber kills CIA on Afghan base

Joby Warrick; 1/1/10 (2 Items)

Eight Americans, most of whom worked for the CIA, were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up after sneaking into the gym on a US base in Afghanistan. Four Canadian soldiers and a journalist were also killed when a bomb exploded as their armoured vehicle passed by on Wednesday. The attacks came as the number of US and NATO-led foreign forces is set to soar to 150,000, to try to halt an increasingly virulent insurgency by the Taliban that has made 2009 the bloodiest year for international forces since the invasion in 2001. The attack represented an audacious blow to intelligence agents at the vanguard of US counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing officials whose job involves plotting strikes


CIA acknowledges deaths in Khost
Seven American CIA agents and five Canadian soldiers have been killed in two separate attacks in Afghanistan, officials say. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on the Americans, carried out at a US base in the eastern province of Khost, saying that the attacker was an officer in the Afghan army. “This deadly attack was carried out by a valorous Afghan army member when the officials [Americans] were busy gaining information about the mujahideen,” Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said in an email. The Afghan defence ministry denied that the bomber was an Afghan army officer