Blackwater staff among those killed in CIA base bombing

8/1/10; (2 Items)

A suicide attack on a CIA base in Afghanistan a week ago killed two contractors with Xe, the controversial private security firm once known as Blackwater. The two were apparently among seven CIA operatives and a Jordanian intelligence officer killed in the December 30 attack, by a Jordanian double-agent, who blew himself up inside Forward Operating Base Chapman. US reports yesterday said Dane Clak Paresi, 46, a Xe contractor and retired soldier, was killed in the blast. A newspaper near Xe’s base in North Carolina said Jeremy Wise, another contractor and a former Navy SEAL, was killed as well. The reports point to a continued close relationship between the CIA and Blackwater. The firm is believed to have participated in programs to kill top al-Qa’ida terrorists in 2004, and CIA “snatch and grab” missions to capture or kill insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Children biggest war victims in Afghanistan
Children are the biggest victims of the war in Afghanistan, with more than 1050 people under 18 killed last year alone. Taliban-linked militants caused about 64 per cent of all violent child deaths last year, the Afghanistan Rights Monitor said in a report. As well as falling victim to suicide attacks and roadside bombings, Afghan children were also press-ganged by militias, sexually exploited and illegally detained by all sides in the conflict, the report found.