A witness to horror

Virginia Haussegger; 8/2/10

Anyone who has witnessed the horror of a charred body and the putrid stench of burned flesh knows how these sights and smells are seared into your psyche. But to witness such horrific injury to the body of a young woman who has purposefully done this to herself – in a desperate attempt to die – is almost too much to bear.  Sydney filmmaker Amin Palangi kept his head down and his eye behind the camera as he filmed shocking scenes of burned young women and girls being treated in Afghan hospitals. Back in 2006, before the rest of the world was prepared to acknowledge that self-immolation by women is on the rise in Afghanistan, Palangi and his producer wife Sanaz, who both speak Dari, took themselves to Afghanistan and roamed through hospital wards. The result is the award winning documentary, Hidden Generation, which traces the plight of women who attempt suicide by setting themselves alight.

See: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/a-witness-to-horror-20100208-nl3r.html