Women And The Church

The Australian; 1/4/13; Elizabeth Power Flamsteed, Splityard Creek, Qld

So Pope Francis is drawing flak from traditionalists for daring to wash the feet of two young female inmates at a Rome detention centre (“Pope in hot water for washing women’s feet”, 30-31/3). His critics should be aware that a tradition is no more than a habit and, just like habits, there are good traditions and bad ones.
Women have been shamefully neglected by the Catholic Church hierarchy for far too long.
This is certainly a tradition but a very bad one. Pope Francis has taken a tiny step in the right direction.
How long, I wonder, before his church treats women with the same respect it shows its male adherents and grants them full membership in the present male-only club?
A few decent, intelligent women in the Vatican would surely bring enlightenment to the present disordered community of single, elderly males and help put an end to the horrendous scandals currently bedevilling the Catholic Church.