Whaling business jolted by enemy within

Peter Alford; 13/3/10

After years of fruitless efforts to penetrate the facade of Japan’s scientific whaling, Greenpeace in January 2008 stumbled across a rare opportunity: a whistleblower. An investigation by Greenpeace Japan’s Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, based on the whistleblower’s tip-offs, produced sensational allegations of corruption, waste and official misbehaviour in the whaling program. Japanese taxpayers keep scientific whaling afloat: last year, Y=5.1 billion (about $60 million) of the Institute of Cetacean Research’s Y=13.9 trillion operating expenses were met by interest-free public loans, Y=538m came as direct subsidy and another Y=404m as public research fees. The rest came from selling the meat of the whales killed by the fleet, the proceeds of a publicly funded activity. The public was being cheated, Greenpeace argued. Sato and Suzuki, however, ended up in the dock.

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