Toddler left tied to tree with no food, water and weapons nearby: police


6/8/17; Yahoo7 News


An American man left his toddler tied to a tree in a homeless camp without food or water, police claim.

Jeffery Wilson, 27, has been charged with serious child abuse and neglect as well as drug crimes, People reports.

Police from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office allege they found Wilson’s two-year-old son tied to a branch at the camp last week.

“The rope was tied around the child’s wrist and secured to a tree branch,” a police statement said.

“The child was also lacking basic food and water, was only clothed in a diaper, and was exposed to numerous hazards within the encampment.”

While food and water were missing, weapons were within the child’s reach, police claimed.

Child Protective Services has taken the boy into its custody while a 57-year-old women has also listed as a victim, People reports.

Wilson has been released on bail.


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