This (married) life

Sarah Jayne Mokrzycki; 5/11/09

My husband Rob proposed to me when he was 17. When we married he was 20, and I was 21. This would not have been so remarkable when hoop skirts were fashionable, and men styled their hair after the young Elvis Presley, but is somewhat more so in the era of iPods and Facebook. We were married on December 3, 2006, which was, unfortunately, the day daylight saving began in Perth. I called my parents in a panic at 7am, just to make sure it was 7am, and I wasn’t going to be late for my wedding. It was medieval themed and held on a beautifully landscaped farm, surrounded by hills, rolling fields, and native wildlife. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location, more perfect weather, or a more perfect husband. I could say here that Rob is the love of my life, my soul mate, who makes every day worth getting up for; all of which is true, of course, but rather redundant. We’re married.