The military needs an intervention


”Drunken troops in ‘schoolies’ binge” (April 29) highlights an entrenched issue of problem drinking that leads to antisocial behaviour, including sexual misconduct. Why don’t we have an intervention and send the army in? More than two years ago troops entered Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory on the premise of reducing drug and alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct. These communities are now ”prescribed areas” that prohibit the use of alcohol and pornography, yet the rest of Australia obviously has problems with the misuse of alcohol, and Federal Parliament is situated just 10 minutes from the porn centre of the nation. Does anyone else see a double standard? Beth Harris Millner (NT)

– I’m just curious: at what stage do we give them the guns? Ray Smith Blacktown

See:–and-fill-government-coffers-20100429-twbo.html; Drunken troops run amok during ‘schoolies’ binge at sports tournament;DanOakes, 29/4/10;