Sorry not enough for stolen generations

Michael Gordon; 3/2/10

Reg Edwards was sitting at the breakfast table when he peered out a window and saw the empty Morris Minor begin to slide backwards down the driveway. He was barely in his teens, but clearly one of the biggest and strongest boys at the Orana Methodist Home for abandoned and ”neglected” children in Burwood. The year was 1971 and the car belonged to Aunty Barb, one of Orana’s ”cottage parents”, a conscientious woman who had forgotten to apply the handbrake. Reg’s siblings recall cereal bowls and cups flying as he sprang to his feet, ran to the driveway, braced himself in the path of the car and brought the Morris to a sudden halt. ”It was pelting its way down this hill, and he gets behind it, just like Six Million Dollar Man,” recalls younger brother Kutcha, the Melbourne singer-songwriter-actor and activist. ”He was awesome,” says sister Maria, who also has vivid memories of Reg swimming across the Murrumbidgee River as a three-year-old, years before the people from welfare came and took him and five brothers and sisters from their Balranald home, in Mutti Mutti country on the plains of western NSW.