S Africa to expand Aids treatment


Jacob Zuma, the South African president, has said his government will roll out life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs to “significantly more people” infected with Aids from next year. In a speech marking World Aids Day on Tuesday, Zuma compared the fight against Aids to the decades-long struggle against the apartheid government.Zuma said: “At another moment in our history, in another context, the liberation movement observed that the time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices: submit or fight.”That time has now come in our struggle to overcome Aids. Let us declare now, as we declared then, that we shall not submit.” South Africa has the largest population of HIV-infected people in the world, and the previous government was heavily criticised for its passive efforts to fight the virus.

See: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/2009/12/2009121115918772701.html