Rights group must act on child ordeal case

Muneera Al-Matrouk; 11/1/10

We Muslims find it painful to hear about the condemnable actions of some of our fellow Muslims. Islam is not to blame when a father violates the rights of his wife and children. It is regrettable to come across shameful acts while living in a Muslim country where values of justice and Shariah laws are implemented. It is tragic that some people justify such actions by saying he is the father and is free to do what he wishes with his daughter. This is worse than what happens in jungles where parents never torture their children or kill them. It is a pity that we — while living in a country of security, providence and prosperity — are unable to extend the simplest rights to the weak who are the first category of people that need protection, as they are unable to defend themselves. The incident involving a child in a swimming pool who was barely two years old and in which she was subjected to a frightening ordeal at the hands of her own father is yet another example of injustice.

See; http://www.arabnews.com/?page=13&section=0&article=130584&d=3&m=1&y=2010