Rendition five seek trial


Lawyers for five men alleging that a Boeing subsidiary conspired with the CIA in their kidnap and torture have urged a US appeals court to allow their lawsuit to go to trial and their abusers be held accountable. In the case brought against Jeppesen DataPlan, the former terrorism suspects were denied their day in court two years ago when a district court judge heeded the Bush administration’s claim that the case had to be dismissed because its subject matter was a state secret.It was resurrected in April because the US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Jeppesen’s alleged complicity in the men’s treatment could be tried using unclassified evidence that would not affect national security.

See:; Obama defends detainees move; Anne Davies; 17/12/09;

I still don’t know what the war was for
Tony Blair’s admission that another reason to wage war on Iraq would have been found in the absence of the supposed weapons of mass destruction is disgraceful – but I can’t get excited about it.To anyone paying attention at the time, it was quite clear that war was coming. It was clear enough to the hundreds of thousands of people who demonstrated in concert all around the world in February 2003. It was apparent to the French, who got called the weirdest name ever for their insight. It was apparent to the United Nations, which suffered extraordinary smears from the US in a campaign of delegitimisation. It was apparent to anyone who read the papers. The claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction followed the previous justification for war, which was ‘regime change’. You remember ‘regime change’. The Americans wanted regime change. But no one was buying regime change, so the Americans went back to the drawing board and developed a better product – WMD.