Promotion for police chief groper, suicide for victim

Lydia Polgreen; 6/3/10

The was a gifted 14-year-old tennis player who idolised Steffi Graf and hoped to turn professional. He was a senior police official and president of the state lawn tennis club. He lured her to his office with a promise of special coaching that could make her tennis dreams come true, then groped her. This set in motion a saga that has taken almost 20 years to unfold. The family of the girl, Ruchika Girotra, threatened to press charges. Shambhu Pratap Singh Rathore, a senior officer in the Haryana State Police, then waged a campaign of harassment and intimidation so severe that Ruchika committed suicide. Her brother, Ashu, was falsely accused of stealing cars, and said he had been beaten and tortured… The trial stretched on for almost another decade. Finally, nearly two decades after the crime, Rathore, now 67, was convicted of molesting Ruchika Girotra. The judge gave him a reduced sentence of six months and fined him $A24.