Poorer countries quit the summit

Lenore Taylor; 15/12/09

Developing ountries last night threw the Copenhagen climate change conference into chaos, staging a walkout in protest at the refusal by rich nations to put tougher targets on emissions cuts on the table. Members of the G77, a group that represents 130 developing countries, walked out of the working groups at the summit and refused to take part in special meetings that had been organised to tackle the biggest obstacles in the negotiations. “The G77 and China have just agreed that we can no longer participate in the working groups, and we are suspending all work and walking out immediately,” the G77 said in a statement. Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the talks were gridlocked on issues of process and it was urgent that they move on to issues of substance. “(This) is not a time to play procedural games,” she said last night (AEDT).

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