Police Find 75-Year-Old Woman Molded to Chair After Sitting In Same Spot for Almost a Year

202/17; Maya Chung

An elderly woman was removed from a chair that her skin had molded to after reportedly sitting in the same spot for almost a year.
The 75-year-old Ohio woman was rescued by paramedics on Thursday after a church volunteer, who’d been delivering food to the woman for the past ten years, called authorities to the home, according to reports.
The volunteer said the woman was not “acting herself” and that he had not seen her anywhere but in her chair since July of 2016.
According to a police report, the odor in the home was so strong that it reached all the way to the front sidewalk; however, the volunteer claimed that the home always smelled that way.
Police reportedly had to wear haz-mat suits into the Springfield home and found the elderly woman surrounded by feces and urine.
Police said the woman screamed in pain as she was removed from her chair because the “bones in her body were breaking as EMS tried to carry her out of the house.”
She is now reportedly recovering at University of Toledo Medical Center.


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