NSW Government moves to control alcohol consumption


What are these?  The NSW government is moving to grant itself sweeping powers to control alcohol consumption. Under changes introduced to state parliament yesterday, the government has moved to seize control of the opening hours of pubs, bars and clubs and give itself the power to impose measures such as lock-outs and service restrictions on any licensed premises, The Sydney Morning Herald says. The new laws also empower council officers and police to confiscate alcohol in parks and other areas that have been designated alcohol-free zones. Under changes to the Liquor Act, the government will no longer have to be responding to a complaint from the community or police to impose licensing restrictions on violent premises. In December, 66 of the state’s most violent venues had severe trading restrictions imposed on them by the government.

See: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/breaking-news/nsw-government-moves-to-control-alcohol-consumption/story-fn3dxity-1225867058971