New system will protect workers

24/7/09; (2 Items)

The government has introduced the Wages Protection System (WPS) as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the living standards and protect the rights of workers in the UAE. It allows for the payment of worker salaries through selected financial institutions authorised and regulated by the government. The Labour Ministry believes the new system will improve the efficiency with which workers are paid and provide it with comprehensive data about salary and wage payments in the private sector. This should put it in a position to identify and prevent abuses of workers by companies in regard to their salaries. The Cabinet decree provides for increasingly stiff punishments for companies which give false information about wages and salaries or fail to pay them on time. This includes court action and having their work permit transactions halted. Provision for these punitive actions is necessary because even the best legislation in the world is of little use unless it can be enforced.


Riyadh endorses Abu Dhabi Declaration on Human Trafficking

Reiterating Saudi Arabia’s determination to combat human trafficking, a meeting of the Council of Ministers approved implementation of the decision of the GCC Supreme Council endorsing the Abu Dhabi Declaration (unified law) on combating human trafficking in the Gulf countries. The weekly session of the Cabinet was chaired by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz at the Hawiyah Palace in Taif on Monday evening This is a follow-up of the decision of the previous meeting of the Council of Ministers in the same topic.