Muslims and the real ‘going back’

Nazir Khaja; 6/10/09; (2 Items)

Every Muslim talks about the Golden Age of Islam, and is nostalgic about it. Rightly so. In terms of science, medical progress, scientific achievements, and philosophical, religious inquiries, Islam and Muslim societies were recognized as the gateway to knowledge. While Muslims derive great satisfaction in recounting the past glory of Islam, no one is interested in answering the questions as to how these things ended. There must be a reason for this. Why Islam suddenly went into a deep freeze intellectually speaking? The process of going from religious commitment to religious confusion begs understanding and inquiry, especially by Muslims themselves.


The descendants of the companions
Turki Al-Dakheel; 6/10/09
When foreign workers first come to Saudi Arabia, they consider us the descendants of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), that we are the best of God’s creatures and we are immune from any vice. This optimistic outlook soon changes when there comes a conflict with the worker’s sponsor, or with the sponsor’s devilish sons, or with the neighbors throwing tomatoes and rotten eggs at them. These workers see the “descendants of the companions” — old and young alike — beating cats with sticks and shoes. This makes the poor foreign laborers change their bright views of us. Before arriving in our country, they harbor a notion that they are coming to a nation that won’t inflict upon them injustices; a nation that is pure and unpretentious.