Muslim kids believe they are sterotyped in Australia

Bernard Lane & Lanai Vasek; 27/2/10

Cronulla, bogan, Howard, pussies, beer, and cricket spring to mind when many Muslim school students are prompted with the word Australian. But non-Muslim students in Australia are even less likely to have positive things to say when asked their reaction to the word Muslim, which to many spells terror and sexism.These are among the findings of what is believed to be the first national survey of the attitudes of schoolchildren to Islam and Australia. Muslim students were critical of their own (“they live on the government”, “don’t give Aussies a chance”, “violent”, “narrow-minded” and “feel superior”) and more willing than non-Muslims to offer compliments across the divide. Almost 1500 year 10-12 students from Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, non-denominational and state schools took part in surveys by Melbourne academic Abe Ata, who was commissioned by the federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship.