Lethal Nato bombing details leaked


A deadly airstrike in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province last September did not comply with Nato’s rules of engagement, according to the military organisation’s own investigators. In a leaked document published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel this week, it was revealed that crucial information was withheld from US pilots by the German military, who ordered the attack that killed scores of Afghan civilians. The newspaper says Nato investigators looking into the September 4 bombing, which claimed 142 lives, found that US fighter pilots were inappropriately ordered to attack two fuel tankers that had been hijacked by the Taliban in northern Kunduz. Civilians from the nearby village of Omarkhail were collecting fuel from the tankers when Nato jets were ordered to drop two 500 pound bombs on the lorries.

See: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/asia/2010/02/20102573845766182.html